Discover the origin of

One of the most Único hams in the world

Steward of the pasture. Guardian of quality.

El Montaraz is an essential player in the crafting of an exceptional ham. He is responsible for pruning the oaks and ensuring that the animals feed on the finest fruits in the optimal pastures during the montanera season. Everything begins with him. It is the expertise of El Montaraz that makes all the difference.

El Montaraz is the one who cares for,
who guides,
who tends to the trees,
nourishing as he goes.

El Montaraz,
defender of tradition.
Steward of the pasture.
Guardian of quality.

Martín Family

Guardians for 5 generations of an exceptional process

The Origin

A unique ecosystem in the world

A genetic treasure

The Craft

Salt, the only thing needed to cure an extraordinary ham.

Slow and controlled curing in our natural drying sheds.

The Product

A Dual Nature

Each Montaraz product is sourced from the finest Iberian pigs raised in the pastures of Extremadura. The curing process for our hams and shoulders takes place in two different locations: Salamanca and Olivenza. As a result, we have two distinct ‘types’ of Montaraz. The milder climate of Salamanca yields delicately flavored hams and paletillas, while the higher temperatures in Extremadura produce a more robust final product. Regardless of the origin, both regions produce exceptional, 100% natural pieces, with only two ingredients enhancing the meat: salt and time. Our commitment to quality means absolutely no nitrites or allergens are used in the process.

Our journey

Global presence

Our journey

Delivering an unmatched culinary journey.

We proudly serve as global ambassadors of Iberico ham, offering an unmatched experience to discerning palates across Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East. Our products grace the shelves of gourmet stores in major capitals worldwide, tables of Michelin-star restaurants, and fills the aisles of specialized food stores. We also take part in gastronomic events, where the fusion of tradition and origin creates unforgettable moments.

Our two USDA-approved factories, located in Salamanca and Extremadura, put us at the forefront of the export industry for Iberico hams, paletas, and meat in the United States. We also maintain both an office and warehouses in New York and Miami, further solidifying our commitment to the international market.


Five generations have a lot to tell

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