Martín Family

Guardians for 5 generations of an exceptional process

The culture of Iberico ham, a precious heritage of our ancestors, has remained intact since the first Martín began to cure it at the end of the 19th century. The history and customs of the most remote parts of the pastures have cemented the pillars of the exceptional quality of our ham, making it a gastronomic jewel.

At Montaraz we have been the guardians since 1890 -and through five generations- of a unique and 100% natural process, free of additives and preservatives. Thanks to the elaboration, only with sea salt and a slow and controlled curing process in our natural drying sheds, we achieve a sublime ham with an intense aroma and an incomparable flavor.

José Manuel Martín starts in Frades de la Sierra the artisan production of Iberico hams and sausages for his own consumption.

Brothers Teodoro and Ramón Martín Crego (sons of José Manuel Martín) founded the first slaughterhouse and Iberian sausage factory in Villar de Gallimazo.

Ramón Martín Sánchez (son of Ramón Martín Crego) takes the reins of the family business and founds the company Jamones y Embutidos JAEM S.A. He creates the brand Montaraz.

Ramón Martín Sánchez has a pioneering vision and moves the slaughterhouse and factory to a 100-hectare rural estate in the Entrecaños area, thus giving an environmental boost in order to avoid contamination in urban areas and guarantee the expansion of future facilities.

The generational handover begins. Ramón Martín Sánchez (son) joins the company after studying Business and with the illusion of giving continuity to the family lineage.

One year later, thanks to its vision of the future and constant work in innovation, it became the first Iberico ham company to be approved to export to Europe, a real milestone.

The youngest brother, Jaime Martín Sánchez, joined the company after finishing his degree in Civil Engineering, with the aim of reinforcing the tradition of the family saga and continuing to broaden horizons.

Ties with Extremadura are further strengthened thanks to the fact that Edita Sánchez Lencero, mother of the Martín brothers, is from there; and Señorío de Olivenza, a factory located in the Extremadura dehesa, the privileged home of the Iberico pig, is founded.

After 7 years of hard work, Montaraz obtains the homologation to export to the United States, an achievement that places the brand as a reference in terms of quality, sanitary, technical and productive capacity in the sector.

In December of this year, the new slaughterhouse was built with the most advanced technology in the sector, being pioneers in CO2 sedation in Castilla y León and complying with all the requirements for animal welfare.

With the latest advances implemented and the latest generation technologies available in the slaughterhouse, the U.S. approves Montaraz Iberico meats to cross its borders by meeting the highest quality standards. A concession that only the best can achieve. We are already in 50 countries.

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