Slow and controlled curing in our natural drying sheds.

In semi-darkness and silence, a work is undertaken in which sea salt is the only guest. No other additives have any place here, because only salt understands the art of natural preservation. White and crystalline, only its purity is capable of accompanying the flavor of Iberico ham.

Maturation in natural drying sheds begins an arduous, patient, watchful process… where hams, paletillas and embutidos gradually acquire their balance. Although each moment heralds new wonders, it takes years of harmony to turn each piece into a masterpiece.

The phases of the curing process



The beginning of the entire process, the secret is a symbiosis between ham and sea salt to dehydrate each piece naturally, without additives or preservatives.


Post salting

A balance between temperature and humidity so that the salt is slowly introduced into each piece, initiating a process that, over time, will culminate in an unrepeatable piece.

Natural dryers

The longest and most delicate process is created in our natural drying sheds, where the ham undergoes the climatic variations of the four seasons with an artisan system -as 'simple' as opening and closing windows- that makes each piece unique.



And the magic of time comes in the cellar. A slow phase, underground, with more stable natural conditions for the ham to acquire its characteristic properties of flavor, smell, color and texture.

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