José Manuel Martín learns the craft of Iberian hams in Frades de la Sierra, primarily for self-consumption.


Brothers Teodoro and Ramón Martín Crego (sons of José Manuel Martín) found the first slaughterhouse and factory of Iberian cured meats in Villar de Gallimazo.


Ramón Martín Sánchez (son of Ramón Martín Martín Crego) takes the reins of the family business and founds the company Jamones y Embutidos JAEM S.A. The Montaraz brand is born.


Ramón Martín Sánchez has a pioneering vision and moves the slaughterhouse and factory to a 100-hectare rural estate in the Entrecaños area. He does this to avoid the pollution problems plaguing urban areas (where factories had tended to be located until then) and to guarantee the expansion of future facilities. This gives the company an environmental boost.


The generational handover begins. After studying business, Ramón Martín Sánchez (son) joins the company with the intent of continuing the family legacy.


One year later, thanks to constant work, innovation and a vision for the future, Montaraz becomes the first company in its region approved to export to Europe.


Younger brother Jaime Martín Sánchez joins the company after a career as a civil engineer with the aim of reinforcing the family tradition.


The company strengthens its ties with Extremadura (the home of Edita Sanchez Lencero, mother of the Martín brothers) and founds Señorío de Olivenza, a modern factory located in the Extremadura Dehesa, the  land of the Iberian pig.


After 7 years of hard work, Montaraz is certified to export to the United States, a milestone that cements the company as the gold standard for quality and production in the region.


In December of this year, the construction of the new slaughterhouse with the most advanced technology in the sector is completed, becoming the pioneer in CO2 sedation in Castilla y León and meeting the highest standards in animal welfare.